Pepper Spray - Your Safety Guard!

by:Canway     2020-06-13
An old saying ''familiarity breeds contempt'' is strongly evidenced by the fact that every year, the crime rate for assault, burglary, theft, murder, etc. is being reported to be increasing. According to FBI's national crime report, the United States has for the past decade, evidenced more than 20,000 murders, and over 850,000 assaults annually, with the majority of these are being committed by lovers, friends, associates, neighbors and acquaintances. Next category of crimes, including rape, child molestation, workplace harassments, and such other, has also gained wide attention. Unfortunately, most such happenings are not reported. Reasons include, fear of loss of reputation of the victim, physical threats against the victims and their family, bribed with money or other presents, and so on. Parents, spouse or other family members have also been found reluctant to report, considering these acts to be degrading to the family and knowing that the details of the happenings will be exposed to public scrutiny, if the criminal is arrested and the case is head in court. All these issues call attention to the matter: how to protect oneself from these happenings? There are a variety of self-defense techniques , however only a few of these actually work in real life, because the person doesn't stand still or attack you at a normal pace, but instead rushes at you from different angles, thus leaving you off-guard. But the good news is, of all the self-defense tools, the most cost-effective tool, with a high return on a negligible investment, is the pepper spray. It is also called Oleoresin spray, Oleoresin gas and capsicum spray. It is made up of chemical components that once reach your eyes, cause immense irritation causing tears, pain and temporary blindness. Since it doesn't not have any harmful side-effects on one's life, this self-defense tool is legal to be carried everywhere and be used as needed. Strengths of pepper sprays vary; police officers have much more potent chemical weapons than allowed for the public use. Different sprays with differing strengths have longer or shorter duration of effects accordingly, however the average duration of the effect is thirty-forty five minutes, and even lasting for hours, at a diminished rate though. However care should be taken that it is not used unnecessarily, and should always be used in extreme cases. Accidentally spraying it on someone innocent, or say to a child or an old-aged person, can cause you in trouble-at the least inconvenience, embarrassment and pain. Always be assured that the spray bottle has been tightly closed with a lid/cap to avoid such incidents. Self-defense is your right and you should take appropriate measures to keep yourself protected. It is definitely not safe to be in a position where your life is at stake but be advised that if such position occurs, never physically resist a robber or refuse to give what is asked for. Money and valuables can always be replaced but not a life.
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