Perfect Picture BY A Trained Professional

by:Canway     2020-06-12
To make the 'real you' shine through the picture really requires hard work. Getting your photo shoot by trained professional's means you will achieve outstanding results. The trained photographer has years of experience in different aspects of photography. They work with different people in different cities and make the best out of you. But before going to a photo shoot with a trained professional one should ensure the prior preparation of clothes, accessories or make up. For men and women there is always a question of what he/she should wear. Well it totally depends on what type of shoot you want. Avoid solid black or solid white as these do not print up well. Fabrics having textured detail look like a block of colour on the printed photo which may make you look shapeless and put weight on you when you don't actually have it. If you are a little more curvy then you would go for simply dark fabrics (preferably not black though) with longer sleeves or v neck. Also avoid large and busy prints. For the ladies, high heels will help you to look taller. If possible hire a good make up artist. Bad make-up can ruin your picture. Be careful while applying lip gloss as it will reflect off studio lights and cause glare. A lip balm or lipstick which is moisture rich will work well. Also avoid glittery eye shadows. Some photographers have their own make up artists. While making poses avoid straight arm, straight legs, body and face straight to the camera. A slight tilt of the head, bend at the elbow and curve of the fingers all help to create nice flowing lines that are far more visually appealing and enhance your natural beauty. If you are considering a photo shoot with a trained professional you should have knowledge about high end and low end studios. A high end studio is dedicated to providing high quality photographs as they work with professionals with years of experience to provide the best possible portraits. On the other hand, a low end studio works to provide a mass amount of photos at low price and quality and they don't have trained photographers. The seating and lighting is fixed and the movement of the camera is also fixed. At high end studios, the photographers are completely flexible. They can adjust, move and remove lighting and select the right position for camera and ensure that you are on the right side. At the high end studio you are paying for professional advice while at the low end studio you are going to pay for low quality and not much time with a photographer. High end professional photographers take time to get to know you. Instead of using the same standard family poses they will select the poses that work with your unique family dynamics. They will prevent photos from fading or damaging overtime. Before going for a photo shoot with a trained professional keep some of the following things in your bag like bottled water to be hydrated, a snack if your photo shoot takes time, a towel and water spray bottle to make your hair look wet and lipstick for touch ups.
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