Procrastinating Brides: Get Help From Bridal Salon

by:Canway     2020-06-16
Few people know what it takes to plan the perfect modern wedding. Traditionally, the bride and her family were responsible for all of the arrangements. It was a 'privilege' that was extended to them because the bride's family had to pay for the festivities. And though times have changed with regard to the final bill (most families split it), the bride and her family are still expected to handle the lion's share of the planning. The only problem, of course, is that times have changed. Most modern brides-to-be work every bit as hard outside the home as their husbands-to-be, which means that they may not have the time to plan the perfect wedding. This problem is only exasperated when the bride's parents live far away or if they are divorced. Really, there is no woman, especially if she works, that can plan the perfect wedding all on her own. What to do? Just as nannies and daycare services have become invaluable options for working mothers, there are reliable and affordable options for the working bride-to-be. In this article, we'll discuss bridal salons and how they can help the frazzled bride-to-be. Bridal Salon 101 For those that have never been to one, a bridal salon is the closest thing to a one-stop solution the wedding industry has to offer. With a full line of dresses and accessories, the average salon can cover any fashion request or requirement of the entire bridal party. As you might imagine, this is godsend for the busy bride-to-be who can find everything she and her bridesmaids need in a single afternoon. Dresses, gloves, shoes, hats, undergarments and even jewelry can be purchased at most full service bridal salons. The trained staff at the bridal salon will also make certain that all dresses and accessories are properly coordinated with the wedding gown. Wedding Consultants In addition to the clothing, most bridal salons have professional wedding consultants on staff. These trained experts can be hired to help plan as much or as little of the wedding as a bride-to-be desires. From the dress to the venue to the honeymoon, a wedding consultant can handle it all. Not to mention the fact that store-affiliated consultants are much less expensive than freelance or independent ones, who often charge as much as 15 percent of the final bill. Why are they important? There's a reason why even women with flexible schedules hire professional wedding consultants. Actually, there are several reasons. The first is they can actually help you save money on the wedding. They are able to accomplish this fantastic feat because they have connections in the industry. They know exactly where to hire the best and most affordable photographers, florists and wedding cake designers. A good wedding consultant can also provide dozens of attractive options for the wedding reception and even the ceremony. Of course, it's never a guarantee that a consultant will help you save money. In fact, most of the women that hire them do so to save time. Yes, it would be nice to have six months to plan the perfect wedding, but the truth is that most couples don't have that. More often than not, they start planning three or four months ahead and realize to their horror that they are in way over their heads. That is when they visit the local bridal salon. What to Look For When it comes to choosing the right bridal solon, it is always best to go with a full service salon, since you never know how much help you will need. Now, we have already discussed the value of having access to a professional wedding consultant, and that is where you should start. Make certain that the salon has a qualified consultant on staff. It is not at all uncommon for the bridal shop owner to do double duty as a wedding consultant, but you may want to think twice before choosing such a consultant. The reason for this is simple: you need someone who can focus all of her attention on helping you plan your wedding, rather than someone who will be worried about her store. It's also a great idea to ask to see a portfolio of the wedding consultant's most recent work. This will help you determine if her tastes match your own. And what about the store itself? A bridal salon should have an impressive array of dresses and accessories. When it comes to price, the store should offer numerous alternatives from economical off-the-rack designs to designer couture gowns. If you intend to buy all of the dresses at the bridal salon, make certain that the store has a seamstress on staff that can handle alterations. When opting for an independent tailor, alterations can be quite steep, but many times, the store will throw in this service for free, especially if you buy multiple gowns. For brides and grooms short on time, the help of the professionals at a wedding salon can make their wedding day an event to remember and cherish for a lifetime.
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