Protect Yourselves And Loved Ones From Mosquitoes

by:Canway     2020-06-12
They're pesky problems that cause annual headaches for Florida residents - mosquitoes. They're itchy and they can wreck havoc on family picnics, cookouts, pool parties, and days at the park. More than anything - they're an annoying nuisance that Floridians come to dread, especially when the temperatures heat up. But what can be done to prevent mosquitos from ruining outdoor activities? How do you keep them away from your pool? What measures can be taken to keep them from biting you and your children? For starters, if it rains, you need to remove the standing water in your lawn. Mosquitoes need water for breeding and seven days to complete their development. Failure to properly irrigate and drain your lawn is all it takes to create a problem, or exaggerate an existing one. Make sure to change water in bird baths regularly. Make sure to drain gutters in front of your home. After it rains, check cans, flower pots, buckets, kiddie pools, children's play houses, Jacuzzis, water bowls for pets, and pool covers for water. Pour it out. If you can't pour the standing water out, consider adding bacilius thuringiensis to it. Bacilius thuringiensis is a natural insecticide that kills mosquito larvae without harming anything else. Try scented lanterns with natural insect repellant and hang in areas surrounding your pool deck and home. Specific lanterns are made with natural mosquito and other insect repellants. There are several companies that manufacture these lanterns, as well as tiki torches, which provide great decorative accents for your backyard and are great for entertaining. Since mosquitoes hate lemons, consider spraying lemongrass or even lemon extract diluted with water in a spray bottle. Spray it every couple of weeks to keep insects away. Make sure to keep all of your plants in your garden trimmed. Insects, particularly mosquitos, love rotting leaves. Consider planting these types of plants, which naturally deter mosquitos from flying into your hard - Citronella, rosemary, geraniums, marigolds, and eucalyptus. You should also seek routine professional pest control to spray your home with the right type of professional grade mosquito repellant products. Regular pest control from a professional exterminator can help eliminate an existing mosquito problem and help prevent future ones from happening. And last but not least, spray insect repellant on your skin and your children's skin to protect them from the bugs. While they make some exceptional formulas that don't rub off, you do need to reapply since the skin can sweat it off.
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