Reduce Hair Raising Experience With Photoshop

by:Canway     2020-06-14
When an image poses a challenge, it can motivate the designer to perform the best. When Photoshop hair masking tools are used, there is ample scope to refine the image and blend a few other tools to get the required effect. Hair flying in the winds, hair coming on the face, unruly crops, they all need to be neatly depicted. Probably this information would be ideal for artists who have beauty salon clients who need to have 'before' and 'after' pictures to help increase the business with their hair stylists. It also helps the female customers to keep their crowning glory in good shape. This information can clear the hair masking when it comes to neatly brushing off the hair. When the image arrives, the experienced pro will first remove all the unwanted areas, use a blue background...like chroma keying used by television editors. This helps to indentify the problem areas. It also helps to focus on the actual work rather than get distracted with other aspects. The hair areas that look dreadful can actually be simply erased. If there are fringes sticking out they can also be removed. If the software being used is Photoshop CS5, cut out mask can also be used. It is a built in tool and does not require 3rd party solution. If a fringe has to be removed now it can be done easily and efficient. In salons often the hair is damaged even after the shampoo and conditioning. But the picture has to be presented in a more appealing fashion. The editing suite is the place for the entire wonderful gleam to the tresses. Sometimes advanced solutions are needed to isolate and make the hair look better. With the use of the eraser tool it the unwanted strands can be removed. Some of the hair will also need painting. The painting can be done with many effects. So the editing can match the natural hair. Different kinds of brushes are there in the menu. Depending on the hair, the brush type can be used. Several suitable hairbrushes can be downloaded too for trying experiments. With the help of a new layer, the brush can be used. The same color and tone which matches the natural hair of the subject needs to be used. The job is tedious but not impossible to do. From time to time the editor will also check the final composition. If it is looking realistic enough and gets the client's approval on the tracking system, it can be continued. There are offshore companies, which provide an online tracking system for clients to check the progress of the work. When Photoshop hair masking is being done, client's approval in the mid-stage is valuable. The work gets done quicker. It does not cost much to upload images and outsource the work to a reliable company. They are able to do the job successfully and in lesser time. With regular editing on such complex jobs like hair masking, the client has a reliable companion.
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