Reviewing The Model in a Bottle Makeup Setting Spray

by:Canway     2020-06-14
To begin with let us see what the Model in a Bottle is all about. It is basically a spray that is used to set your makeup. You use this make up setting spray after you have finished applying all your makeup. If you use a few sprays after you have finished applying your makeup, it will help your makeup stay on longer. The make up setting spray will eliminate the need for reapplying your face powder or other makeup. It is not surprising if you are skeptical about giving the Model in a Bottle a try but after you have used it once, you will realize the benefits that it brings you. I myself used this make up setting spray in the morning after I applied my makeup and went through my day expecting it to fail any time soon but it did not. I was pleasantly surprised. Normally I have to touchup my makeup during the day or go in for a complete re-application. I did not need either of these after I used the model in a bottle spray. Once you apply the Model in a Bottle it leaves a matte finish as soon as it dries. It also has a nice fresh scent that disappears once this make up setting spray dries up. It doesn't reduce the effectiveness of SPF nor does it clog the pores. Each bottle gives you approximately 300 sprays. I made use of two sprays after having applied my makeup. Another good thing about the Model in a Bottle is that it is not tested on animals. The only thing that I needed to apply again was my lip gloss. Apart from that my makeup looked lovely and stayed that way all through the day. It wasn't until nearly 15 hours later that I got rid of my makeup and up until that time it looked like I had only just applied it. This make up setting spray is available in two formulations; one for normal skin and the other for sensitive skin. Whichever one you choose to use, you can be sure you will not be disappointed. There are plenty of special occasions you can think of when you really need something like make up setting spray to keep your makeup intact. It is a real must on your wedding day and other special occasions when you have to look good all through the day and perhaps late into the night when there is little or no time to do a touch-up or reapply makeup. The model in a bottle setting spray is really useful at such times. Even if you are travelling on work, and are busy at conferences and meetings, excusing yourself to retouch your makeup is just not professional; using the Model in a Bottle after you have applied your makeup will keep it fresh all through the day.
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