Royal Spa And Salon Services in South Delhi

by:Canway     2020-06-13
According to Greek Mythology, Three Graces is referred to as Joy, Charm & Beauty. Counted amongst the top Luxury Spa in Delhi, Three Graces has become an essential appendage for Delhi's health and beauty conscious citizens. Thus, every time you enter a neighboring Spa, the menu is loaded with deliciously wrapped snazzy massages, treatments and therapies with natural elements & specialties from across the world. The spas in the capital have introduced exotic ranges of holistic treatments, services and products that has developed a lifestyle appeal to the informed customer and health conscious. The spas in Delhi have slowly developed their niche in health and comfort and evolved from just traditional therapies and treatments to an all around beauty and fitness platform with high end Gymnasiums, Salons, Pools, Jacuzzi and various other amenities along with nutritious food and drinks. This Spa in South Delhi is located in Vasant Vihar - a central south Delhi location which is 15 minutes away from the International Airport and houses most embassy residences around it. It is aimed at delivering an experience where a guest can unwind, relax and retreat as they experience famous royal Spa services. The diversity of treatments and massages by expert Spa specialists, indulge and customize a Spa experience with many of the traditional such as European, Swedish, Oriental and Lymphatic Drainage Therapies and Body Rituals, each coupled with essential oils and authentic styles. The trained personnel ensure a complete, safe & enriching experience for the guest. This Spa is furnished with advanced modern equipments that ensure safety, performance & durability. The customized training programs here range from cardio, strength training, weight management including weight gain & weight loss and personal exercise routines at the gym. This Best Salon in Delhi, is a destination for all beauty, body and lifestyle needs. The range of services include everything from head to toe of the human body. Three Graces Salon & Spa has evolved as one of the leaders in providing a luxury treatment experience to guests. It serves patent facials and the exclusive Hydra facial, a new breakthrough in aesthetic technology which has the ability to moisturize the skin leaving other skin resurfacing procedures behind. It removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. The exotic treatment sooth and freshens up your skin from within. It is often referred to as the Best Spa in Delhi also because the services here are prepared and enlisted only after rigorous research and development of the benefits of each services. Our staff spends quality time understanding requirements, limitations and budgets of guests in order to create & customize beauty packages and treatments where every guest will find something for them in the menu. Such customer relationship management tools empower the Three Graces brand with a sensitive & result oriented practice when attending to new guests as well.
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