Secrets to a Great Haircut

by:Canway     2020-06-10
Whether we like it or not, the first impression we make on other people is usually about the way we look. If you're warm and friendly on the inside, you want it to come across on the outside, the same way that you'd want to look professional at a job interview. For instance, a classy blouse, a decent skirt and a sophisticated headband would leave a better impression than clothing that is either too sloppy or too revealing. The same goes for your haircut. You want it to be stylish always! Getting the perfect cut is easier said than done, though. You may have had the experience of realizing too late that a Mia Farrow pixie cut was a mistake that no amount of chic hair clips can undo. So.... does the perfect cut have to elude you? No Slippy Hair Clippy, makers of the finest non-slip hair accessories in the market today, shares tips to make sure that your next cut will get heads turning for all the right reasons. Before the Cut Deciding on your next haircut should take a lot of consideration. It is not only about whether or not it looks good on you, it's also about your lifestyle and the time that you're willing to spend on styling. Consider your morning routine. Are you the type to keep putting the alarm on snooze and end up having too little time before you have to dash out the door? Or are you a morning person who wakes up early and have just enough time to put yourself together? Consider the changes. If you've always had your hair straight and decided to have some dramatic waves, are you willing to incorporate new styling tools, products and hair accessories into your regimen? Consult Your Stylist Go to a trusted hair stylist for advice. Ask what haircuts compliment the shape of your face. Let her know what you liked and disliked about past haircuts. Also fill her in on how much time you have to style your hair. A good stylist will take into account your features and lifestyle and then suggest a look that suits you best. Get the Picture? Most hair stylists would say that having a picture of the haircut is very helpful when understanding their client's personal style and taste. Remember, the two of you need to be on the same page. You may be asking for a cut like Rihanna's chic asymmetrical bob, while your stylist is picturing her edgy Mohawk! Speak up! Try not to get too absorbed in the salon chatter and instead, pay attention to your hair. If your stylist is headed in the wrong direction, speak up! It will save the two of you a lot of trouble if you make adjustments during your cut rather than afterwards. Also, instead of gossiping about your favorite celebrities, try asking your stylist questions about how to maintain the haircut, how to style it, which hair accessories will look good with it, etc. Let's Face It We need to accept the reality that not all haircuts look great on everyone. And some require a lot of work to maintain! If you have thick curls, it will be quite a task to get a sleek, straight cut ala Jennifer Aniston. One More Tip Don't forget to tip! Basic rule of thumb is that the average tip for your hair stylist should be 15 to 20% of the cut cost before tax. If she did a marvelous job, feel free to add in a few bucks. Don't forget the assistants who helped them out as well; around $5 is generally acceptable.
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