Silk Plants Give Finial Interior Decor Warmth

by:Canway     2020-06-03
When it comes to making a home feel like home, it takes some work but in most cases it is 'fun work'. You may be getting ideas from an interior decorator or are looking for one that fits what you are looking for. Don't just think one is as good as the other. They have to understand what you are looking for and then they can give you the right guidance. You may be adding in all new furniture or maybe just a piece or two in the room. Style of furniture in most cases should match and go along with the theme you are wanting for your decor. Colors, colors everywhere . . . and what is needed here is harmony with a splash of excitement in what the eye beholds at first glimpse. By all means, you do not want colors to fight for attention. Materials on furniture, in rugs, carpets, pillows, plants, flowers and, of course, the walls, should be complimenting to each other and letting the eyes focus on the more important decor items. In completing a decor in the vast majority of cases, people love to have plants in their homes as well as their offices. It just seems that plants of many varieties have a real effect on people being able to relax and feel comfortable in the room. With real plants, the unfortunate thing is that they do require quite a bit of attention to maintain their healthy look. Those with a green thumb and the available time for maintenance can do okay, but those who don't have those abilities do face a decision. In wanting to have the decor complete but not having the time or green thumb needed, a decision to use artificial plants is a way to complete the decor. Silk plant arrangements can be a wide range of silk trees for indoors which can include popular silk palm trees or the natural looking topiary silk trees potted in a container matching the decor. The beautiful greenery of a quality silk plant can add the finishing relaxing touch that will bring life to the decor for many years to come. In years past, the fake plants was a sorry looking piece that didn't look real even if you were a block away. As time has gone by, the manufacturers have really caught the beauty and realistic look in all parts of artificial plants and artificial flowers. Materials have changed in the making of artificial floral products and with these changes have come the need to touch or smell to make sure if it is live or artificial. You cannot receive a higher complement than someone bending over to smell or to reach out and touch that excellent looking silk plant arrangement to see if it is real or not. The maintenance of these artificial plant wonders is a very simple process and can be done in the same manner as the cleaning of your home. Dusting with a good duster that holds the dust and not spreading those nasty little particles around is a good thing. Maybe once a year or year and a half, depending on the amount of junk in the air, you can give these silk plants a deeper cleaning. I have used a spray bottle of water with just a few drops of gentle soap. It is suggested that you try this solution on a small leaf or small area to make sure that it does not affect your plant in a negative way. As you spray lightly over the entire plant, any grease etc. will be loosened. Then I would use another spray bottle or a hose with a fine spray nozzle to rinse it off. Shake the silk plant gently to remove excess water and let it dry in the sun. With silk flowering plants, silk plants and silk trees, you will have beautiful additions to your decor giving your home or office the look of realism and the atmosphere you want. All this, and your artificial plant decor, can last for many years with minimal maintenance and giving you that wonderful feeling being in the room.
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