Steps to Make Head Lice Prevention Possible

by:Canway     2020-06-07
A Head louse is in all likelihood the most prevalent of problems in young children. Compared with what many believe, head lice won't indicate the hygiene practices with the child at home or by their own parents. A bane for parents, head lice are tiny parasite insects that cling towards the strands of hair and prey on scalp intaking what little volume of blood they get from biting the scalp of your child. Lice will be more common among young kids particularly in girls. Just as common they are common, head lice prevention is also a really easy practice. These parasites and head lice nits though most likely are not dangerous nor cause any serious disease but they really can be very annoying and irritating. The bites by the lice will make the child's scalp itchy. If no immediate action is taken, it will cause inflammation from the scalp too be responsible for infections. Head lice spread through direct contact. They are very contagious and spread among school going children who are inclined to get close while playing together. The head lice cannot fly or jump, they transfer completely to another person by walking on the hair strands that come within their contact. There are several head lice home remedies that you may follow to remove the parasites. But head lice prevention is essential to prevent them from coming back. Below are some natural head lice treatment methods that can assist you in keeping the these pest from creating trouble in the hair. Mixing essential oils including the tea tree oil in the shampoo will provide a robust smell that could repel the lice. You may either mix the oil inside the shampoo or get a shampoo that already contains tea tree extracts. Another good idea would be to mix 10 drops of tea tree oil in a bottle of spray with water. You may then spray this water within the hair on your child before school or playtime. This can be a very good head lice prevention method. You might mix tea tree oil using a leave-on conditioner or hair gel to achieve the same outcome. Lice are only able to go on humans. If they are stripped away from a persons scalp, there exists only a small bit of time that they will survive. For the reason of the absence of hydration and food. Lice multiply very quickly. Following after female louse mates, it lays eggs which hatch inside 1 week leaving a small shiny eggshell (nit) which stays attached to the hair. Head lice prevention includes preventing lice and nits too. It is extremely difficult to remove lice in hair with your fingers while they move quickly and hide on the strands of hair. However, you can get a nit comb or possibly a lice comb that is specially engineered to detect lice. This fine-toothed comb of spacing below 0.3 mm will pass through each strand making lice detection and removing them easier. If it doesn't work, you can go with some medical lotions and medical gels that could be applied over the hair along with the scalp for effective head lice prevention. It would be best to try natural treatment and prevention first.
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