Stud 100 Delay Spray vs Ultimate Cream- What Can

by:Canway     2020-06-07
The non-prescription premature ejaculation treatment support systems have evolved dramatically with time. Though pills are still very popular, topical solutions have taken leaps and bounds to make sure that they offer you every kind of help. Sexual experts believe that most of cases aren't really serious and you can get incredible control by delaying ejaculation using some sort of desensitizing agent. And today, we bring you two of such options, i.e. Stud 100 and Ultimate D Delay. Though both these products might seem identical, here's how they differ. Popularity The section, hands down, goes to Stud 100 desensitizing spray for a number of reasons. It is known to be one of the most popular solutions around has is used in different parts of the world. Though both are not medical premature ejaculation treatment, for mild to moderate cases, many men trust Stud for its mild effects. On the other hand, Ultimate D Delay is comparatively less popular. Though it is the revamped version of Ultimate V-RX, people have to use it and offer more information on what it actually has to offer. Which one is better: In terms of popularity, Stud 100 scores more. Formula Stud 100 Delay Spray is widely known for its desensitizing effects using the non-prescription anaesthetic agent called Lidocaine. Other than that, this formula also contains stearic acid, isopropyl, myristate and fragrance as inactive ingredients. On the other hand Ultimate D Delay uses a completely different blend of salicylic acid, citral, allantoin, aqua, glycerine and other things. This formula also targets desensitizing penis nerves but it has completely herbal blend. Which one is better: Both the products offer almost same benefits but their take on ingredients are very different. Where Stud 100 keeps it simple, Ultimate Delay is more into offering more. Ease of Use As a handy spray, you just need to apply Stud 100 minutes before sexual activity. It comes in a small bottle that can be carried in pocket or bag. This product can be used with or without condom and doesn't leave any kind of residue or smell that can cause problem during sexual activity. You partner doesn't even need to know that you have applied something like this. Ultimate D Delay is a different kind of premature ejaculation treatment in UK. Though it is quickly absorbed but at times men have complained about a white residue. Which one is better: Stud 100 scores here again. Price You can buy Stud 100 desensitizing spray in UK for around 18-20 pounds. The price varies across different selling platforms and if you don't really pick the quick delivery options, there are no additional costs with the bottle. Ultimate D Delay cream is more economical here costing 15 to 17 pounds across different websites. Two or three pounds might not seem as much of a difference in one month but herbal treatment options have to be used for some months. During these months, cost might be an important factor. Which one is better: Ultimate D Delay scores here more. Our Verdict Stud 100 actually scores more on every front apart from formula and price. It is more popular across the world, more people have tried this product and it easier to use in more than one way. We believe that if you have never really tried any of the premature ejaculation treatments at home, it is probably better to start with something like Stud 100. As a non prescription, over the counter formula it can easily be purchased with any of the sexual performance websites. Use it as directed and delay ejaculation for better control of your life.
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