Super Solano Hair Flat Iron Review

by:Canway     2020-06-05
Thank goodness, today, we have flat irons and do not have to resort to laying our heads on ironing boards and placing a scalding hot instrument directly on our hair! Solano is just one of many trusted beauty brands that produce quality flat irons, a specialized hairstyling tool that safely and quickly produces straight hair. Solano is a unique brand, however, because the premium flat irons they produce are of the utmost quality and come with Solano's trusted reputation for doing great hair. Most hair stylists will tell you the flat iron is a miraculous device and is very often used and requested. Before the flat iron, there simply was no easy or more cost effective way to get smooth, straight silky hair especially without frying it to a crisp! If you are not familiar with this amazing tool, a flat iron works like this: hair is placed between two heated plates, which are pressed together to infuse the hair with a high degree of heat. Then, the flat iron is run from the root to the tip of the hair in sections. It is different than a curling iron because heat is applied evenly on the top as well as the bottom of the hair. The result, of course, is a perfectly straight head of hair. When used properly, flat irons can also be used to make curls and other interesting hairstyles. Solano understands the fast-paced, demanding environment of a salon and has designed styling tools that live up to the challenge. The company has been providing only the very best salon tools in the industry for years, making it the most trusted and dependable brand in the professional beauty business. Solano puts power in the hands of the stylist to sculpt iconic silhouettes, highlight faces and unearth new layers. Flat irons are just one of the products offered by Solano that help today's beauty experts create sleek, sophisticated styles. With every style tool they manufacture, Solano guarantees powerful, dependable tools that create both inspiration and high fashion performance from root to tip, beginning to end. Remember, the Solano flat iron is designed with the most recent, cutting-edge technologies available to create beautiful, healthy hairstyles day in and day out. For instance, the Solano Sleek Heat 450 is a one-inch flat iron with a number of attractive features. It glides smoothly through hair with a ceramic surface that was designed to create even heat while styling. A variable temperature control with settings from 170F to 450F allows for instant and consistent heat. Four- sided beveled plates ensure an easy application with styling versatility. Additionally, infrared heat dries hair from the inside out for overall healthier and more beautiful hair. This Solano flat irons ionic charge improves moisture in the hair while minimizing static electricity. Tourmaline adds shine and smooths hair while minimizing fly-aways and cool touch tips are resistant to heat for more comfortable, safe styling. The Solano Sleek Heat 450 Flat Iron also comes in a one and one-fourths inch surface size. If you're going to use a flat iron, there truly is none better than those offered by Solano.
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