Swiffer Wet Jet

by:Canway     2020-06-05
How does Swiffer Wet Jet work? The Swiffer Wet Jet makes cleaning fun and easy. The starter kit comes with a cleaning wand, one bottle of cleaning solution, and a package of six disposable pads. The cleaner will be released by pushing the button on the handle. It requires 4 AA batteries for the power button to spray the cleaner. After spraying glide the Swiffer Wet Jet back and forth to clean areas and absorb the liquid. The pad will trap all pet hair, lint, dust and dirt leaving your floor dry and clean. The swivel head makes it easy to get into corners, around cabinets, and furniture. Using the Swiffer Wet jet is a great way to clean small spills or a whole room quickly with the push button power sprayer and flexible swivel head. It is lightweight and compact making it easy to use and maneuver. Cleaning Tips A amazing clean looks as good as it feels, and it doesn't get better than the feeling of having no dirt, dust, or grime left on any of your floors. So if you're cleaning a hardwood surface, a cherished piece of furniture, or the kitchen floors, Swiffer Wet Jet has the perfect solution. Give you're home what it deserves a quick, easy, fresh and clean shine that the whole family can enjoy. Avoid Accidents: Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets. In Case of Eye Contact, Flush With Water to Reduce Irritation. If Irritation Persists, Call A Physician. Do Not Flush The Disposable Pads.
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