Taking Care of Your Hair

by:Canway     2020-06-04
As we go through the every day wear and tear of our lives, the regimens and daily routines will over time start to take a toll on our hair. There are ways to avoid further damage to the hair by limiting the heating tools, products and over-washing and processing. Here are five habits to cut right now. 1. Blow drying damp or wet hair When you blow dry immediately after showering, you are exposing it to heat for a very long time - which can eventually cause damage and breakage. After showering, make sure to let your locks air dry before blasting with the blow dryer. This will cut you blow drying time in half - the longer you air dry, the less damaging the blow dryer will be to your locks. 2. Limit the super hot water in the shower Using really hot water in the shower can be damaging to your skin and hair - especially if you are someone who showers daily. Make sure to keep it to luke warm and not too hot. Another trick it to rinse hair with cold water after conditioner. This closes the cuticle and keeps the hair healthy and shiny. 3. Get a good shampoo and conditioner If you are someone that wants thicker tresses or a great hair loss treatment, make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioning treatment for your texture and type. A product like Revivogen is good for someone looking to achieve fuller and thicker hair - and prevent a condition like hair loss. 4. Take a day off from everything Pick a day in the week where you aren't doing much and won't be going too many places, take that day off from all styling tools, products, and even washing the hair. Taking a day off a week will give not only a rest to the follicles but your scalp a rest from all the damage done to it daily. Products can cause build-up in the scalp, so taking a day off and brushing properly will help avoid this. 5. Make sure to brush - with the right brush When brushing, make sure you are using the right brush. If it is wet and you are using a brush that is constantly pulling - this will cause breakage. Make sure to use a wide tooth comb when hair is wet to avoid breakage and damage.
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