The Bridal Salon Advantage: What Every Frazzled

by:Canway     2020-06-03
Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest, most memorable day of your life. But that perfect fairytale wedding doesn't just happen. It takes months of advance planning and coordination, not to mention a healthy budget. According to a recent survey, the average wedding costs over twenty-thousand dollars, not including the price of the engagement ring or honeymoon. Where does it all go? About forty percent of wedding costs are at incurred at the reception. Of course, the final bill will depend on the number of guests and the quality of the restaurant or venue that hosts the reception. Then there are the flowers, the dress, the photographer, the wedding rings, the music, the cake, the limos and the cost of the actual ceremony. And these are just the staple items and services. It is no wonder then why so many brides-and grooms-to-be try to cut a few corners and save some money without anyone noticing. Let us take a moment to review a few simple tips that can help cut expenses without sacrificing quality. For starters, couples should avoid the high season. This is the time of year when most weddings occur, generally from May through October. Scheduling a wedding during a quieter month when reception halls are desperate for business can save you thousands of dollars. Then there are daylight savings. That's right! It is more expensive to schedule a wedding at night because reception halls are often hard to find after 6 p.m. Fees are particularly high on Saturday night, since that is the traditional night for large events. But what about planning? Wanting to take charge and oversee every last detail is a common inclination for most brides-to-be. After all, they know what they want. The only problem is that most of them simply don't know how to get there. And as we have seen, planning a modern wedding is an extremely complicated and time-consuming enterprise. Whether they go by the title of Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Consultant, trained professionals can help you save time and sometimes even money on your wedding. We say sometimes because it really does depend on the size of the event and whether or not you choose to take their advice on simple cost cutting solutions. In the rest of this article we want to talk about what a bridal salon can do for you. If you have never heard of one, a bridal salon is the closest thing to a one-stop solution that the wedding industry has to offer. They can provide advice and professional services that will improve nearly every aspect of your Big Day. One of the primary selling points of these stores is that they employ professional wedding consultants. These trained experts can help you plan your wedding from the dress to the honeymoon. Best of all, store-affiliated wedding consultants do not charge nearly as much as the independents, who often ask for up to 15 percent of the final bill. Where to start? Decide just how involved you want to be. Most professional wedding consultants are trained to work with you, not to run the show. This means that they want to give you the wedding of your dreams and hopefully save you some money in process. Of course, if you have a busy schedule, it may not be possible for you to play a hands-on role. In that case, it is probably a good idea to articulate exactly what you want and let the consultant make most of the decisions for you. Since the average wedding consult has at her disposal all of the resources of the bridal salon behind her, she will know who to call and how to save money with professional service providers. For example, she will likely have a long list of professional wedding photographers that she has worked with in the past. And once you decide what style of pictures you prefer, either photojournalistic or traditional, she can choose the appropriate photographer. But let's not forget about the actual bridal salon. After all, professional services like photography are just one aspect of what they do. A bridal salon is also a retail business that offers a full line of dresses and accessories. These dresses range from economical, off-the-rack designs to unique couture gowns that are designed by professional dressmakers. In fact, many of the top bridal salons have couturiers on staff. Bridal salons also offer indispensible accessories like jewelry, shoes, gloves and undergarments. As strange as it may sound, bridal salons aren't only for the bride. They also sell dresses for the bridesmaids, the maid of honor and the flower girl. Even the mother of the bride and the groom can find the perfect dress at a bridal salon. In addition, the trained professionals at the salon will make certain that all dresses are properly coordinated with the bride's gown.
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