The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel The Perfect

by:Canway     2020-06-03
Puppies are future companions. They are juvenile dog. Puppies create enjoying environment. So a puppy can remove ones loneliness. There are many puppies and all are different in their sizes, shapes, weights. Puppies are different but all types of puppies are cute, lovely and friendly. If one can choose a perfect puppy for him then he will be a lucky person. Many people like playful puppies, some like friendly puppies and some like social puppies. If one is finding a perfect puppy for his family then the puppy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will be the right choice. Because these puppies are so friendly and they are perfect for family environment. The characteristics of these puppies are also special too. The most interesting thing is that this dog has been quite popular choice for companion since many years. Charles II was a proud owner of the spaniels. The size of this puppy is also lovely. The female dog weighs around the 5.4kg mark and 30cm of height or so tall and the male puppy weighs up to be 8.5kg and is 33cm tall. The coat of these is so attractive. The coat of the Cavalier is soft, long, silky having feathering on the chest, tail and legs and the coat color includes various types of colors. This puppy has tended to drop hair for entire year round so one should regularly brush up the puppies' hair. These puppies are perfect family dog as they absolutely thrive on human contact and will form a close bond with their owners. These puppies are good with children and they also don't create any harm to other household pets too. The most special thing of the puppy is, the puppy is non-aggressive, very friendly and highly affectionate breed who will follow his owner from room to room inside the house, and do his very best to hold a spot at the end of day. This special dogs are really easy for maintain. The one thing is require and that is, the hair coat should brush with comb daily along with the occasional bath. These puppies are really interested in training.
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