The Critical Review of HairPRO Laser Hair Brush

by:Canway     2020-06-01
It would not be an exaggeration to say that hair is more important part of personality for women than for men. Hair care for women is extremely essential right from the younger years of life as in most cases thinning and hair loss is irreversible. But what if you are already going through that? What if you do not have the strength and money to invest in clinical treatments and hair transplant? Would it be your fate to live with it? Through devices like HairPRO Laser Hair Brush in UK seem like a silver lining at least on paper, women are still sceptical about them. Here, we would try to understand and analyse if this product is actually worth your money and time depending on the following factors. THE TECHNOLOGY Laser technology is doesn't actually ring any bell as we have come across various devices and combs based on similar technology but here is something that caught our eye during the testing. Unlike other popular device, HairPRO Laser Hair Brush in UK offers 36 LEDs for laser phototherapy. So it is not exactly made for laser therapy but a combination of laser and light. The LEDs have been synchronized along the length of device for better penetration in entire scalp or desired area. THE PROCESS Most similar products in the hair care for women category claim to stimulate hair follicle and it is almost impossible to test this product for it. So, we decided to talk with some of the genuine users but before that let's get to the theory part. All living organisms respond to light so it is rather natural that follicles would react in the same way if intensity and wavelength is optimum. With careful laser phototherapy, growth cells in follicles can be stimulated especially with a design like HairPRO Laser Hair Brush in UK. We decided to talk with some of the users and also researched on reviews which seemed to be pretty genuine. In most cases, the device offered helped except for the worst ones. THE BENEFITS Unlike other laser brushes in the segment, this one is known to offer quick results by improving complete scalp condition. Several men and women have testified improvement within just initial month of use without any side effects. The comb work in most cases unless there is a serious medical condition or complete baldness. You can conveniently use it as directed and wait for considerable results in just sessions of use. However, they won't be identical in all cases. RECOGNITION One thing that caught our eye was Times Magazine's 'Invention of the Year' award in 2000. It seemed like a really cool tag especially coming from such a reputed website. Moreover, this device has also featured in many popular places like Chicago Tribune, Maxim magazine, Good Housekeeping magazine, The New York Times, MSNBC and so on. It is actually a trusted brand in hair care for women. EASE OF USE For most users, it is one of the most important factors especially with scarcity of time and almost no energy to invest in complex procedures. The initial impression was okay with just two AAA batteries to be used and no recharging. Push on and off button is quite convenient and illumination further adds to it. We thought that cordless operation is a big advantage especially when you are away from home. Apart from that, 10-15 minutes of usage three times a week shouldn't be a cause of worry. The Verdict: Our team believes that as an investment HairPRO Laser Hair Brush in UK is not a bad option especially for women with mild to moderate thinning options. The results are worth the efforts.
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