The Quick Nail Salon Safety Guide

by:Canway     2020-05-31
Now that summer's just around the corner, sandals and bare feet on the beach are quite fashionable again. Of course, this means that you should start prepping your nails for the world to see. A trip to the salon is just what you will need to take pleasure in an hour of nail pampering. Manicures and pedicures are a great way to keep your digits looking chic and polished, and everyone from students to doctors indulges in this experience. However, to avoid any complications and prevent any risk of possible infection, it is best to know these facts before stepping into the salon: Even if you will be visiting the most immaculate salon in the area, it is best to not shave in order to avoid bacteria from entering the tiny cuts on your skin made by a razor. That's because bacteria can be present in water pipes and footbaths. In fact, the best time to visit the salon is in the morning, when the footbaths have just been thoroughly disinfected. If you really want to be certain of your safety, you can bring your own tub liner. Many health care professionals are against the act of pushing and clipping off the cuticles as this will enable infectious bacteria to enter into the skin and nail beds. This can also cause ingrown toenails. If your cuticles really bother you, you can have them gently pushed back with an orange cuticle stick, but make sure that the tip is wrapped in cotton. Gel polish leaves your nails looking yummy and trendy and it does last much longer than regular nail polish. However, the treatment, from the UV curing process and the removal with the use of acetone to the filing away of the top layer of the nail, will do damage to your nails in the long run. So your best bet would be to sport this trend only on one extra special occasion for the summer. Professional salons always disinfect their tools, but if you are unsure you can always ask to have them disinfected with hydrogen peroxide right before they start with your treatment. You can also bring your own tools for the nail technician to use. Keep in mind that wood products such as orange sticks, buffers, and files are for a one-time use only.
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