Things to Know When Living With a Hairpiece

by:Canway     2020-05-29
Things to know when living with a hairpiece When a person starts to wear a hair replacement system, there are certain things they must know in order to have it look natural and last for as long as possible. Here I will explain how it is to live with one and still live your daily life. When thinking of getting a custom-made hairpiece, it would typically take 6-8 weeks from order date to come in to get it to the right specifications. The specifications would include color, texture, wave pattern of your natural hair and style. Reasons for that are not only to give the natural look but also to prevent any changes to the style when you come in for fitting of hairpiece. Typically, a hairpiece can weigh about 2 ounces. It weighs that little after the cut and styling with your own natural hair. This is an advantage for you since it will feel undetectable and blend in with your own. If you have read my previous blogs, I have stated that a tape on hairpiece is the best way and most sanitized way to wear a hair replacement system compared to when you bond on a hairpiece. It takes just a few minutes to put tape on the hairpiece. The tape used would be double-sided tape, and all that is needed is a few small pieces. When put on properly and when applied to a clean scalp, the hairpiece will not budge. Winds would blow YOU away before the hairpiece! The hair replacement specialist will explain and show you how to place and tape on the hairpiece. If you can spare 3-4 minutes a day and have a wide-tooth comb or a bristle brush, a tape on hairpiece is for you. With time and more practice, you will probably do it with-in 1-2 minutes. That type of comb and/or brush is best not only for your hairpiece but also for your own natural hair. For the hairpiece to last the longest and keep looking its best, it is best not to shower and sleep in it. If you leave the hairpiece on, you are shortening the life of it. Your hairpiece is like clothing; you wouldn't shower or sleep in it if you intend to wear it continuously. It also best not to swim or do strenuous activities outdoors whiling wearing it. Extensive sun can also cause the hairpiece to lighten in color, as much as 3-4 shades lighter. It is best and also suggested to have a synthetic one to knock around in and also your custom made hairpiece for all other activities. When the hairpiece is in need of a servicing, bring it to your hair replacement specialist. The hairpiece is just like a car, you would take it to a mechanic unless you are a mechanic yourself, and it goes the same for the hairpiece. It must be cleaned with special fluid that performs best only by a professional. Typically, every time you would need a haircut, the hairpiece should be treated just as good. A hairpiece, if taken care of, would last up to a year and maybe longer, with few or no adjustments or repairs required. The main 'repairs' needed for a hairpiece is re-coloring, addition of more hair, and/or replacement of base. It may seem like a custom made hairpiece is expensive but it would be well worth the money in the end compared to a stock piece, which you would probably have to keep buying month after month and end up paying the same amount. Quality is always better than quantity. Hope this helped to give some answers and feedback. Good Luck & Good Looking David Hansen, The Ultimate Mens Hairstylist & Hairpiece Specialist Chicago, IL www.davidhansen.com 312-943-8171
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