Tips For Preventing Matting in Dogs

by:Canway     2020-05-27
I don't think there's any pet owner who enjoys it when his dog leaves fur all over the place, may it be on your couch, floor, or anywhere your dog goes. It can be very annoying, but luckily enough it can be prevented. If the following tips could be applied, the issue of matting may be a thing of the past. Examine your dog's habits from time to time. Dogs love rolling in mud, grass and on carpets. In the case of rolling on grass, your dog's fur may mat as the grass could be wet and has waste matter from other animals. This causes your dog's hair to clump. In relation to this, also look out for his licking habits. Try to prevent your dog from licking his fur excessively as this leads to matting as well. Always remember to give your dog regular baths. This keeps him clean and will aid in reducing your dog's natural oil accumulation. If the oils are allowed to accumulate, this will eventually lead to clumping of his fur and thus lead to matting. However, you need to be cautious not to wash your dog excessively as this will strip off of his natural oils and leave his coat very dry. If this happens, not only dry coat is unsightly, there's also a great chance that your dog's hair may easily fall out. The simplest way to prevent matting is to brush your dog's coat daily. This will constantly remove tangles, debris, and any other things that may cause your dog's hair to mat. Additionally, regular brushing helps increase the circulation in your dog's system. Treat scratches seriously. This may be a small thing that causes matting but it causes it all the same. Constant scratching in the same place may cause the fur to mat there. Make time to check the cause of the itching and treat it immediately. Trim your dog occasionally. Having a short fur coat is easier to maintain and harder to mat. Another seemingly unlikely cause is wearing clothes. As you put on and put off your dog's clothes it raises the fur in some areas. Leaving it without brushing will lead to dead hair in the fur getting tangled with the unkempt hair, and all this leads to matting. Never attempt to wet matted fur as this will worsen the problem. The fur around the mat will be pulled and this is painful. This may even lead to ulcerations on your pet's skin. To detangle matted fur, it is advisable to start out using your fingers instead of immediately using a comb. Divide the matt into sections then use a brush to smoothen out the fur each one at a time. You can also use a detangling spray which will help make the detangling process tolerable. Dog grooming is important in keeping your dog clean and healthy. Matting in your dog's hair should be take care of as soon as you notice one to prevent unwanted falling hair and prevent futureproblem.
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