Tips to Clean Your Home With Vinegar

by:Canway     2020-05-23
It is not always necessary to buy expensive cleaners, detergents or harmful chemicals for the cleaning of your home. There are various other simpler ways to clean your home without using harmful chemicals or detergents. Though, you cannot go without these cleaners as well, but you can reduce the use of them considerably by using some alternatives. One such versatile household cleaner is 'Vinegar' which can be used to clean your home without much of precautions. Vinegar is perhaps the best natural cleaner that you can use for all cleaning purposes. It is as efficient as to clean almost every household item. Don't worry! It will not produce any odor like a salad in your home. What you need to do is to take a spray bottle and add 1 cup of vinegar and 2 cup of water to it and mix it thoroughly to make solution. Now let us start from the kitchen. Take cleaning towel and the spray bottle and now you are ready to start. So, you can use this mixture to clean up the counter tops, kitchen sink, microwave, the floor, stove and the coffee pot. You can rather clean anything that has a hard surface in your kitchen. Just spray a bit on the surface and wipe it off with the cleaning towel. You will definitely be surprised to see the results you get from this type of cleaning. This will not even produce any salad like smell because it is diluted and also it is not harmful for your little ones as other chemicals cleaners are. Now move to the living room. Living room perhaps is the only place that gets the most of mess the whole day. Here, you have to keep this thing in mind that doesn't spray the mixture directly onto the electronics or wood work. Better dip a cloth with the solution and wipe the surfaces. You can use this mixture to clean the children's toys without any hesitancy as there are no chemicals involved in this solution. Vinegar is undoubtedly a great deodorant, disinfectant and compeller for the animals. If you have pets and they make mess every so often in the home, you can use vinegar to clean the places and remove the smell that pets can make. Also pets don't like the odor of vinegar so they stay away from the spot where you have used vinegar. So, with vinegar you will not only able to clean the soiling spot but also keep the pets away from that place in future. Although, vinegar is not only the product that you can use effectively in the household cleaning, there are numerous other products which can use for this purpose. The advantage of these products is that they are easily available in almost every home and also are not very expensive to buy. These products are genuinely environment friendly that means they have no adverse effect on you or your family. You can use them to keep your house clean and free from stinky odors of pets.
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