To Successfully Grow Poppies You Need to be Wary

by:Canway     2020-05-23
Grasp the basic knowledge and you will be skilled at growing poppies in no time. Easily grow poppy plants in your own garden by paying attention to the following information: Step 1) The optimal time to begin the process of sowing seeds is usually in the early stages of autumn or during the spring time. Planting poppy seeds in the autumn season will produce earlier blooms the following spring, while planting in spring will produce earlier summer blooms. As another method, you can sow about half your seeds in autumn and half in the spring. Even though the best germination temperature is about 70 degrees, the seeds will still be able to germinate at temperatures both above and below this ideal point. To begin planting you spread the seeds on the surface of loose and slightly moist soil. There is actually not a need to put them into the ground. Be conscious of potential animals or insects that may mess up your poppy growing process. For example, birds find the seeds to be quite delectable so you might need to place a net over the seeds until they start showing signs of developing. Another method is to start the process indoors under artificial lighting. Poppy plants do not particularly transplant well, due to their sensitive root systems, so be very careful when doing so. As soon as you see shoots develop you should scatter some slug poison around the plants since slugs are voracious eaters and will devour them in an instant. Step 2) Maintain moisture in the soil for at least the first few weeks until you observe the sprouts begin to shoot up. At that point you can reduce the watering by only doing so every few days when required. This helps the new shoots to develop a resilient root system by forcing them to search for water deeper below the surface. Furthermore, it lowers the possibility of mold and rot, which poppy flowers are very vulnerable to. Water the poppies with a lower pressure spray or lightly pouring out of a container otherwise you will wash away the seeds or any new shoots. Misting gently with a spray bottle is another good way to provide much needed moisture. Another popular method is a drip system with either a soaker or drip hoses that are attached to a timer. Once the shoots begin to grow, you will then need to thin your poppy flowers to at least 13 inches apart. A good rule of thumb is that the more space you provide them, the larger they will grow. You do this by weeding out the smallest and weakest ones, and leave the larger healthier ones so that they have plenty of room to grow. By accomplishing this, you will obtain more flowers and pods with every plant that grows larger, as opposed to a bunch of weak, single flowered plants. More mature poppies do not require much watering but when you do water make sure to give it a nice drenching. This will encourage strong root growth. In addition, expose them to as much sunlight as possible by placing them in an open area if possible. Step 3) Poppy plants can flourish in both various types of soils. It is suggested that organic fertilizers be used for the best results. Adding blood meal to the soil provides much needed Nitrogen for greener growth. After approximately 7-9 weeks of continuous growth, Phosphorus fertilizers are recommended to maintain consistent flowering. After about 10-12 weeks you will notice the flowers beginning to bloom. The petals will fall off after about 2-3 days. Afterwards the pods will carry on growing for the next few weeks. During this time period, it is imperative not to water them unless completely necessary. Once the pods have a blue and green coloring with a white film on top, they are ready for reaping. Maintaining knowledge of these important facts on how to grow poppies is important. This will enhance your experience of growing poppies and make it an enjoyable one. After that you will be able to grow poppy plants successfully.
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