Top 5 Curling Irons For Budget Beauties

by:Canway     2020-05-26
Shopping for something as simple as a curling can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and even more so when browsing online. There are hundreds of curling iron brands, thousands of different models and all from prices ranging from a few bucks to a couple of thousand. Where to start? Well, if you have a sense of style and demand quality but don't have a celebrity budget, look no further. Here you'll find the top 5 curling irons for budget beauties. When shopping for hairstyling products, it's important to start with a budget. You don't want to overspend on a curling iron that will simply disappoint and/or ruin your hair. The best curling irons you can buy with a budget in mind are all name brand, yet affordable. These curling irons will give you amazing results for a fraction of the price. Let the countdown begin! #5: Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron A part of the elite Babyliss Nano Titanium line, this top notch curling iron uses nanotechnology and the high-heat conductivity of titanium for longer-lasting results. Its classic spring barrel makes styling curls easier, works well for most hair types and is less likely than other curling iron barrel styles to tangle hair. Nano Titanium is an exceptional conductor of heat, maintaining stability in ultra-high temperatures and penetrating your hair from within for gentle styling without damaging hair. This curling iron also offers sleek, soft metallic-toned Ryton, a material that can withstand ultra-high temperatures (this curling iron heats up to 450 degrees), and in addition, its ergonomic design ensures sustained comfort while styling. Other features of the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron includes turbo heat boost temperature and sol-gel technology, a wet-chemical technique widely used in the fields of materials science and ceramic engineering. #4: Brazilian Heat Spring Curling Iron The Brazilian Heat Tourmaline Ceramic curling iron features six heat settings and heats up to 450 degrees, making it able to handle any hair type from fine to frizzy. The perfect curling iron for any budget beauty, this product features a Tourmaline infused ceramic barrel, the best and safest heat delivery method for glossy, bouncy curls. Tourmaline is a crushed gemstone pushed into this curling iron's flat plates and is renowned for balancing hair to drastically reduce static and frizz. According to this brand's maker, Brazilian Heat Products: 'Recognized for its beautiful packaging, professional features and ergonomic functionality, this uniquely designed line of professional appliances encompasses the passion, inspiration and quality that translate to the individual style of every professional stylist.' True to their word, this curling iron has a handy 9 foot cord that can swivel 360 degrees allowing you to multi-task while you style without pulling hair. Even more, this curling iron features a digital temperature lock- allows you to set temperature without accidentally changing it. #3: Hot Tools Ceramic Tourmaline Spring Curling Iron You may have heard of Hot Tools: A Curl's Best Friend. This particular curling iron exhibits quality and is yet affordable for any budget beauty. This product uses ceramic heat, which also preserves your hair's moisture, promising to never dry out your locks. This curling iron also uses tourmaline along with ceramic, to help seal your hair's cuticle thus increasing its shine. This affordable curling iron also boasts a Soft-Grip textured handle for easy use. But what's most special about this product is it's high heat that gets hot and actually stays hot. Using Advanced Pulse Technology, this curling iron has variable heat settings with built-in rheostat control for extra high heat, fast heat up, and heavy-duty long-life heating elements. #2: Hot Tools Marcel Curling Iron An innovative yet affordable curling iron, the Hot Tools Marcel Iron features high power and instant heat for consistent, dependable results on any type of hair. In fact, each of its 10 variable heat settings will be ready to use in 60 seconds flat. Widely recognized by top stylists, the Marcel curling iron heats up fast allowing you to create curls quickly while achieving consistent curl quality. With a full range of temperatures, from a extra high setting for coarse hair to a low setting for fine, damaged or treated hair. Hot Tools products created Pulse Auto Heat Control for it's stylish products, which senses heat loss and regenerates heat instantly for nonstop curling with consistent quality. This curling iron barrel temperature remains constant curl after curl. Hot Tools also uses the unique mica heating system. This curling iron's heater covers entire inner surface of barrel to distribute heat faster and more evenly than conventional irons. A steel bar connects the barrel to the handle providing a more secure construction and prevents handle from bending under pressure applied during use. #1: Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush Tangle Free Thermal Curling Iron Before listing the amazing features this top product for budget beauty offers, let us first explain: what is a hot air brush curling iron? Simply put, this product amazingly combines a hot air brush, curling iron and hair dryer in one product. Best for thin or fine hair that can easily be damaged by heat, hot air brush curling irons help you to create shine and volume while reducing fly aways. Hands down one of the absolute best hair products on the market now, not only can you combine hot brush styling, hair drying and curling into a single task, you get great, salon professional results in record time. Now, for the top pick for quality and affordable curling irons: The Helen of Troy Hot Air Brush Tangle Free Thermal boasts a gold aluminum barrel, which holds heat for faster drying and styling. Its nylon brush bristles gently grip hair for exceptional control and is designed to dry hair from your roots. For convenience, you have multiple heat control temperatures to choose from and can effortlessly go through your beauty routine with this curling iron's eight foot tangle-proof swivel power cord. Remember, when choosing from our top 5 curling iron picks, any budget beauty should choose one of the products listed here that will work best for her hair type. Enjoy your new look!
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