Types of Hair Extensions - Which One is Right for You?

by:Canway     2020-05-25
With so many types of hair extensions to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which kind is right for your lifestyle. Hair extensions really fall along a few basic lines. Here is a handy guide for understanding the sorts of choices you have, the pros and cons of each, as well as how each may fit your lifestyle and not break your budget! Clip In Hair Extensions. The most budget friendly version of hair extensions, clip ins are held in place by clips or combs and taken out when you feel like it. If you want to experiment to see if you like the look of hair extensions without committing to them, this is the way to go! For ease of use, some people like to purchase several sets of clip in hair extensions and keep a styled set, a straight set, a set for colour, and the like. The positives here are obvious. They're very budget friendly, a plus if you're looking for cheap hair extensions, without compromising the quality. You can also change your style frequently if you decide you want to play with colour or length. The drawback, though, is that you have to take a bit more care with clip ins than you do with other types. Pre Taped Hair Extensions. These are one of the best choices on the market. They go on within thirty minutes, and they're reusable. What's more, though, is that they're none damaging to your natural hair. The benefits here are enormous. There's no stress to your scalp because the tapes are flat and very comfortable. Additionally, they're semi-permanent, and they can last anywhere from six to twelve weeks. The only real drawback with this type is that it's best to have them professionally installed, which may mean a salon appointment. Your stylist, though, will have you looking great in absolutely no time. Micro Ring Extensions.Considered one of the most expensive form of hair extensions, these are applied by a highly skilled professional who has an art to their styling! Pros: There is limited hair breakage with micro ring hair extensions. They come in a variety of ring types, so if you're looking for less breakage, easier application and so on, micro ring extensions offer you choices. They're lightweight and comfortable. Moreover, they offer a level of natural beauty that many other extension types just can't compete with. They can last as long as 9 months with proper care, too. In most cases, the application process just takes about one to two hours in your stylist's chair, then a bit of maintenance at the three month mark. Cons: If you're not careful, over-conditioning can cause your rings to slip a bit and your extensions might come loose. Also, if your hair grows fast, you may need to adjust the rings after as little as 4 weeks. Hair extensions look great, no matter what style you want. Talk to your stylist to help select the right type to meet your needs and your lifestyle.
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