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by:Canway     2020-05-15
Having a relentless barking dog in the neighborhood may make you become the least favorite neighbor. Many dog owners ignore the problem, not realizing how really annoying it is to everyone else around them. Although barking is a normal behavior for dogs, however, incessant barking isn't. When your furry friend is barking, you really need to be aware of WHY your dog is barking. Here are a few tips and preemptive measures you can take to control your furry friend's barking. Pin Pointing the Cause Whenever your furry friend is barking, before you tell your dog to stop, you need to identify the problem. The problem isn't your dog's barking, the problem is WHY your dog is barking. Is your furry friend trying to tell you something? Look at your dog's environment? Is your dog getting enough attention? Pin point the exact reason rather than blowing it aside. What to Do You will need to distract your pet. In mid bark, shake a jar of marbles, clang a couple pot lids together, ring a bell..Whatever distraction choice you use, the noise will startle your dog. Another thing you can do is use a spray bottle whenever your dog barks. When you do this method, don't let your dog see you grabbing the spray bottle. This may seem a little mean, but your dog will associate his barking to undesired experiences, like getting squirted in the face, every time he does it. Keep in mind if you want this to work, you need to spray you dog when he is barking or RIGHT AFTER his barking. If you wait even a moment after he barks, he may not be able to connect the barking to getting sprayed in the face. Is your dog getting enough exercise? A tired dog is a good dog. Dogs who are getting enough exercise seldom have the energy to act up. Take your pet out for a walk in the park, a job, play fetch, throw a ball around, and get your canine's blood pumping. When you take your pet pooch out to places, it also gives him an opportunity to socialize and meet other people and dogs. Some pets who are fenced in the backyard get triggered by joggers, walkers, even cars on the street. You may need to experiment on changing his surroundings. By removing your pet's triggers, you can significantly reduce the amount of barking your dog does at night, especially if you get rid of the things that go bump in the night. Toys! Just like kids love toys, dogs love toys as well. For the same benefit as children,mental stimulation as well as keeping them busy, toys for your dog is the same exact thing. Keeping your pet busy with chew toys, and special toys like kongs, help keep your dog busy for a couple hours as well as challenge his mind. Another way to stop your dog from barking relentlessly is take your dog to obedience school. For long-term effects, taking your four led furry friend to obedience school will help train your dog AND cease all annoying barking.
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