What about style of custom hair cutting capes by Canway ?
Hair cutting cape is quite attractive and is practical to consumers, thanks to its professional designers. A comprehensive manufacturing method is constructed where design is simply a start. Custom made service can be obtained, a move meant to satisfy diverse requirements.

Canway Co., LTD is mainly engaged in high-end curly hair diffuser in foreign trade. The barber apron series is one of the main products of Canway. The quality control procedures of Canwayhairdressing tools are in place to assure that every component is up to exact specifications and tolerances in the rubber and plastic. It helps depict a more professional image for a salon. Canway enjoys good reputation at home and abroad. It is not prone to breed microorganisms and pollution.

To provide customers with all-round comb brush is the culture that being kept in each employee of our teamin mind. Inquire online!
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