What Are Men Genuinely Looking For in Women?

by:Canway     2020-05-19
When you question a man what it is he wants in a woman, he'll likely go 'I haven't really thought of that.' Then again, he can go down a list of attributes that can incorporate having blond hair, liking sex, and liking sports. But, is that what men really desire, what about those guys who say that they tend not to have any preferences? When you would like to know how to get a boyfriend one of the first things you have to do is ask what do men actually wish for? Would they like to have a really beautiful woman or would they prefer substance? Although it is true that some men like to need a certain amount of beauty from the women that they date, but many are also willing to look beyond the physical and may even be unconsciously attracted to self-assured and self-sufficient women. Here are examples of the things that almost all men would look for in the women that they date. Somebody who understands who they are and also understands what they want. Men will also love to feel wanted and they would like to be able to feel like they are a man. At the same time though, many men will be turned off by women who will want and require them always. A girl would want to show that she is independent and that she knows how to stand her ground. Men actually wish for a woman who is likely to be able to add and not just take. They are drawn to women who make them feel special and wanted, but also they run away from a really overpowering relationship, it is a matter of sense of balance and you do have to uncover that place where you could stand on your own. Men also love some mystery with their women. You will require uncovering that sense of balance of what you tell your men. While still dating, you need to avoid divulging every deep and dark secret about yourself. You could show off more about yourself later on, but for dates you are better off with some mystique. Learn to work with it and you will find that the less a man has learned about some of your secrets, the better. If you have the fitting tools, learning how to get a boyfriend could genuinely be a triumph for you. Bear in mind that you have to stay away from extremes and you require to find that balance between being self-sufficient and being able to make your man feel like he is a Man.
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