What companies are producing hairdressing tools and materials ?
If you are looking for a better manufacturer for hairdressing tools , Canway Co., LTDmay be the answer for you. Founded years ago, we have been exclusively serving the markets in China and around the world. With competitive pricing and robust quality assurance, we concentrate on what we can do best and are dedicated to customer success.

CanwayHairdressing Tools is a leading provider of barber apron. The tint brush series is one of the main products of Canway. The processing of Canwayhair beauty tools consists of four basic steps: mastication, mixing, shaping of the viscous mass, for example, by extrusion or molding, and curing. It ensures the service is enjoyable for the client, as well as the stylist, technician or barber. Thanks to the quality assurance of tint brush, our sales network has been reaching out in all directions. It is safe to use as it will not chemically react with hair dyes.

wewishes to take the lead in becoming the leading hair spray bottle manufacturer. Get info!
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