What Is a Beard Trimmer?

by:Canway     2020-05-19
The trimmer is an electrically powered handheld tool used to cut a man's beard to virtually any desired length without using scissors. This type of device is composed of various sets of thin aluminum blades and has different length modifications. The blades tend to be stacked up in addition to each other and start oscillating when the power button is turned on. In simpler terms, a trimmer is a handheld electrical device that is used to cut a man's beard to a certain length. It normally features various length functions that can range from one-tenth of an inch (0.25 cm) to one-half inch (1.28 cm). The device functions by utilizing a number of sets of slim metal blades tipped by a comb. These blades are normally one inch (2.54 cm) broad, and are stacked one on top of the other. They oscillate anytime the trimmer is powered on, causing the teeth to overlap. When the oscillating blades are positioned against the face, they cut any hairs they come in contact with. The beard trimmer usually has a plastic protection that will click over the blades' end, protecting them from coming into direct contact with the skin. The guard is being controlled by a wheel or a switch on the trimmer, which is most often positioned on the side of the device. This enables the user to set the length that the beard is going to be cut to. Some trimmers don't feature adaptable attachments, but rather come with several attachments to enhance and maintain the beard style. These attachments determine the length that the beard will be left with. The numerous length options are accustomed to maintain various styles, like a full beard or the mysterious 5 o'clock shadow look. The beard trimmers need to have stainless steel blades protected with hypoallergenic foils, in order to be safe for men with delicate skin. An electrical trimmer may also be used for close shaving. Some devices are designed to be electrical shavers and beard trimmers in one device. When using the beard trimmer like a shaver, it is better to shave after a shower, because the hot water opens the pores of the skin, thus enabling a closer shave. There are models that are water resistant and may be used under the shower. An excellent beard trimming device should be very easy to maintain and clean. Some beard trimmers come with specialized oils or cleansing solutions to preserve the device clean and sustain its quality with regard to longer life. Make sure the device is regularly oiled and remove the hair from the comb's teeth after each use. Cleaning the hair from the device is easily achieved with a specific brush that comes included in the packaging or might be bought separately. For any waterproof beard trimmer, you should dry it completely every time after using it under water. If you keep it moist or allow it to retain moisture in its components, the high quality of the product may be degraded.
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