What Is The Way to Give Uggs a Cozy Summer Vocation

by:Canway     2020-05-19
Today I saw many posts about UGG boots, and I found most people bought the basic styles. These styles are suede leather uppers and the soles are EVA whose outsole thickness is about 2CM. If it rains a little bigger, the rain is easier to splash on the surface of shoes. Since most UGG are the combination of wool and fur, water will more or less have influence on leather. Especially now when urban air quality is poor, many rain turns into 'acid rain'. Therefore, the impact will be greater on the leather. Then how should we avoid or solve this problem? First, before you wear your UGGs every day, you should pay attention to the weather. Besides, for those who live in the south where rains a lot, they'd better choose the UGGs which have special coat on the vamp, such as the thicker styles. Let's Pick Most Dramatic cheap ugg boots for Our Dear Girls If you are careless to let rain splash and wet the upper, don't worry and you can put shoes in ventilated places for natural air drying after back home. Why People in Rio de Janeiro all Are Interested in ugg bailedybutton Because most of the rain is mud water so after dry naturally you should better brush its ash up, remembering not to use high-temperature heating equipment drying. Although the shoes are quickly dry up, but you will find many water stripe patterns arise and couldn't be get away, you may completely destroyed this pair of UGG. Because high temperature rapid heating on the rain-soaked frizzled feather wool will cause the uneven spread of moisture, leaving watermark on the vamp that cannot be removed. If the shoes are coated with oil carelessly, it is also the most annoying and depressing thing! You should not wash it with clean water or as someone said to wash it with toothpaste. Because after using water and toothpaste to clean, not only the greasy dirt would not be cleaned up, but also the damaged area of the shoes would become larger, at that time, nothing could help your shoes except sending the shoes back to factory. If your shoes suffer oil pollution, it is best to absorb oil using tissue when shouting loudly, don't let the oil spread on the shoe. Then you come home and find a small piece of sand paper to abrade the oil place slightly. This is a meticulous work. Don't abrade too deep, just abrade the coat slightly, and then tease the coat with your hands accord to and against it. You can use a complementary color agent to return its original color if you have one. This is the safest way to solve the problem in the smallest range. Then we talk about the common caring sense of UGG in spring, summer and autumn when you do not wear UGG that frequently, because every style of UGG is very classic, they would never become out of fashion! A pair of good UGG will not change in warm-keeping, comfort degree, as well as the quality of wool, even you wear it for 2-3 years. Although, the information message of UGG is that it could be worn even in 25 degree centigree, but I estimate, that UGG is most practical in winter. A cold winter has passed. The warm UGG companies us this cold winter. Take UGG out in sunny weather and bask it for one or two hours under the sunshine. The drying time should keep within two hours, especially the sun at noon thus mainly play the role of dehumidification and sterilization, if the shoes are high cut style, remember to turn down the boots and sun the inner part of the shoes and put away some dust. Subsequently you can bring it to the ventilation place of the room to dry 3-6 hours in order to make UGG wool can be restored to the natural state. Then, you should find a soft hair brush to brush the dust on the surface, and then comb the fur inside. If there is any stubborn dust on the surface that you could not brush off, you could use the special UGG brush, to brush off the stubborn dust, if it is still unable to remove, use the special UGG cleaning agent. When the surface of your UGG is washed to be clear, the next step is to find a small stick to knock the surface of UGG gently so as to knock off the dust on the surface and the dirt among the antiskid veins at the sole. It is better for the maintain of leather by knocking off the dust in the deep cover.
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